Mold Remediation

 The presence of mold indicates an excessive amount of moisture in the  area.  It can happen over time or by a catastrophic event such as  flooding.  The cause of the mold must be addressed and corrected either  before or at the beginning of the mold remediation process.  If the  moisture problem is not addressed and corrected, the mold will return.

Indicators  of mold can be strong, musty or stringent odor, excessive humidity,  dampness or humidity problems, indication of past water damage or  moisture problems, or when mold is visible.

Leaky pipes, moist  basements, failed sump pumps and other causes of water intrusion are  causes of mold.  Wood, insulation, paper and other organic materials  provide food for mold when in a wet environment.

GES’s  professionals are certified and experienced to contain and eradicate the  mold, and restore the area back to its original condition.  

Water Mitigation

 Water damage causes the destruction of material and property in various  ways.  Rotting or breakdown of wood, steel rust, and growth are just  some of the types of damage caused by a water problem and/or floods.   Water damage can happen by flood or by moisture or water issues over  time.  Regardless, water damage is a main contributor to property loss. 

Roof Cleaning

 Remove  unsightly stains and restore the curb appeal of your home or business.   There is no damage to the roof shingles and we do not pressure wash;  the process is safe, efficient and has amazing results! 

House Washing

 Remove dirt and debris from your home or building and restore it to it's  original condition.  Removing the algae, moss, dirt and grime from your  home produces wonderful results and the appeal of your home. 

Crawl Space Encapsulations

 Protect  your home from mold, bugs, musty smells, radon gas and structural  damage by installing a vapor barrier system in your crawl space.  The  air quality in your home is also improved .

Clean Outs and Clean Up

 We  clean out foreclosures, estate sales, and any other type of building as  needed.  We also have experience working with the Department of Aging.